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Adrien Sahores by Karim Sadli - De Fursac, Fall/Winter 14/15

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Henriette Grindat
Vers Alésia, Paris, vers 1950© Fotostiftung Schweiz / ProLitteris


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Artist & Photographer:
Huang Yan 黃岩
120 cm x 150 cm / 47.2” x 59.1”

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Imaan Hammam in “Opium Du Style” by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris, August 2014

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homoeroticism isn’t groundbreaking like these artists swear that two white boys kissing is going to shock everyone like . . lmao

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How many of you have heard Latasha Harlins?
*everyone is silent*

She was killed by Korean store owner Soon Ja Du, which set off the LA Riots. Ice Cube did a song about her called Black Korea, predicting that riot in fact. Some of us know. And no, I didn’t have to look her up. I remember. I read the Final Call.

She was murdered over a damn bottle of orange juice that store owner thought she was going to steal. There were eye witnesses and security camera footage.
The store owner still got no jail time! 
It’s not just an inconvenience to be followed around the store. You can be murdered if the store clerk decides to stand their ground.  If you’ve been followed around a store before, let Harlins tragedy serve as a reminder of why you shouldn’t go back.
Don’t spend money where you are not welcomed!

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Dree Hemingway by Boo George for Love Magazine #4

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Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of complete strangers?


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this is really powerful. wow.

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